Communication is connection

The greatest message in the world is useless unless it connects with the audience. An audience that connects with a message can become a powerful force. True connection brings about real and lasting changes. The best messages stick with you, move you on a deeper level and inspire you to act.

As a speaker I always ask myself, “So what?”

In other words, after I’ve spoken what do I hope that people will do with the message?

My goal is to connect with men in a way that encourages them to take action, so together we can change the way we do marriage and family.

We can become the husbands and dads that we are meant to be.

My speaking style is unpretentious, thought provoking, encouraging and humorous. My message may be serious, but I’m not afraid to share the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

I believe that most men want to be the kind of husband their wife adores and the kind of dad their kid looks up to. Sometimes they just don’t know they way to get there.

My Most Requested Topics:

Wooing Means Doing: Why Romance is the Key to Your Wife’s Heart
How serious are you about making romance a priority in your marriage? If you aren’t intentional it can easily fall by the wayside. Words aren’t enough to show your wife she matters. You have to take action. I’ll show you how to put some swagger in your romance game that will soon have her weak in the knees.

Go For Broke: How to Become Wealthy Without Having a Dime
Would you consider yourself wealthy? True wealth has nothing to do with money. True wealth requires a shift in perspective. I’ll teach you to change the way you view your life and help you create a legacy built with things of true value.

Pray With Authority: A Warrior’s Guide to Praying for Your Family

Do you realize the power you have at your disposal? As the leader of your family God wants to hear from you. He wants to work through you. Yet prayer is only effective when it’s put into use. I’ll share resources and tips to train you to become a true prayer warrior that will not be shaken.

I Won’t Listen and You Won’t Talk: Breaking Down Your Communication Barriers
Are you frustrated by the lack of communication in your marriage? Communication is connecting. Broken lines of communication break your connection. I’ll show you how to break down the communication barriers and learn how to listen to more than just words.

Creative Connections: How to Quit Being Busy and Start Being Dad
What would your kids say are your top three priorities? The world is filled with distractions and those distractions can pull you away from what’s important. You only get a short amount of time to pour into your children’s lives when they need you most. I’ll teach you how to put away the distractions and become the dad that your kids long for.

If these topics don’t meet your needs I’d be happy to create a unique message for you.

If you are interested in booking me to speak to your men’s group, civic organization, or conference fill out the form below. I’d be honored to have the opportunity to speak with you.

Keep building,